This time 5 years ago

I worked for a well known retail company, I started working at age 17 for them, and rose from sales assistant to manager in those ten years.

They eventually fired me, for losing a safe key. It was only part of a safe key, but I didn’t follow the correct procedure, it amused me that the only way they could find someone to do my disciplinary was to fly someone from Northern Ireland in as I was so well known.

The problem that I had was that I had just moved house, and I knew it was somewhere in the boxes, but that didn’t seem to matter. So after 10 years they fired my arse.

This was five years ago, I got a new job, got pregnant with my son, moved house again, went insane and then three years ago my other half found it

safe key

It was a box of medication, that we had. No idea how it got in there, I sent it back to the company with a little note apologising for the delay but telling them I told them it was in a box

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29 Responses to This time 5 years ago

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    It must have been awful, to loose your job that way, in all fairness a gross misconduct is often an accident, but depicted in a contract to cover theft breach of trust etc… so it is understansable that it was used from a business point of view. Though not kind, no allowance made for stress or temporary mental frailty. 😯😕

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  2. Did they respond? Nice of you to send it back.

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  3. Oh myyy.. That is quite a story O_o . Moving is always tough :\ So awesome of you to send it back to them all these years later 😀 Wonder what they will respond 🙂

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  4. Amanda Ricks says:

    I’m sure you were shocked and felt extremely betrayed at the time but I love the way you tell the story. It just puts the store’s behaviour totally into perspective as petty little big

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  5. susieshy45 says:

    And you live happily ever after and they lost you + the key. What a lot of fuss to make about a key, procedure or not. There is something called forgiveness and overlooking things if the person’s previous record speaks out loudly for her. Their loss, not yours !

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  6. BunKaryudo says:

    I’ve never worked in retail so I’m not sure what the loss of such a key entails for a company. Firing you for it does seem very harsh, though. You’d think they must have had all sorts of other less draconian options available to them before they had to go anywhere near that stage.

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