The budget, why did they bother?

I am glad I waited a few days to see what reaction the UK budget would bring, as much as I had my views on it, and how the budget seemed to be screwing with our eduction system, but using a new tax on fizzy drinks to fund sports in primary schools how weird it was that the exact money being cut from the disabled is the almost  exact same amount that is being used to give tax cuts to middle income earners. Weird that.

There were very little surprises for me in this budget, but I wanted to wait before saying anything because I was curious how politicians would react to the outrage from the public.

Then Iain Duncan Smith throws a curve ball in and resigns stating the reason as the cuts. So basically blaming George Osbourne for the cuts that Iain Duncan Smith backed last year.

Me being me, is thinking this has more to do with the EU referendom than he thinks that the cuts are unfair, but then to my amusement I read that the cuts that were mentioned in the budget weren’t actually cuts but more of a suggestion. 20 years ago they could of gotten away with that but now with ever word being recorded on the internet we can see that this was not the case, they planned to go ahead with this but the public was so outraged they cannot go ahead. But if they were just a suggestion why did Ian Duncan Smith resign?

All in all I think its going to be an interesting time for the Tory party, I remember saying in one post that one of the reasons I liked them, was that at least they were united as a party, unlike labour who lumbered from one mistake to another and then back again cause no one could agree. Now it seems the same is happening to the Tory party.

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4 Responses to The budget, why did they bother?

  1. DaisyWillows says:

    Osborne should follow Duncan’s ultimate act of “altruism” Smith is under the spotlight with the EU as you know. I read his reasons for resigning – especially his reasons for disability cutbacks. I was screaming at my laptop hypocrite. Yes it was a suggestion ( order) but the Tories didn’t realise the backlash that would come from it. One to the common people 🙂

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    • I read his letter and it smacked of sticking it to Osbourne and Cameron, it makes no sense to leave now, and what was apparently a suggestion when he should of left at the last one. Which wasn’t.

      I do think that some rule should put applied that if you appointing an MP they should have some sort of skill set to that role, We have a guy running our whole economy who studied modern history. I am unsure of what he knows about money, apart from how to spend it on the wrong things, if that is the qualifications they should hire me, at least I am a trained bookkeeper


  2. I would gladly trade “our politics and government” for yours right now!

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