Gizmo Update

Things have been going well, apart from the fact he refuses to go in the cage and when he does, he makes so much nose its not worth it.

Or so I thought, today Gizmo did the impossible and escaped out the cap flap. Keep in mind he is wearing a cone, which means he either managed to force it through, or he went out backwards. I am not putting either past him.

giz and max

This is the dog thinking well, it smells like Gizmo but doesn’t look like him 😉

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7 Responses to Gizmo Update

  1. Simon says:

    Glad he’s doing better! 😃

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  2. trE says:

    Lol. Why is he nearly falling off of the couch?!?! Gizmo is a trip! Good thing to read he’s doing better.

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  3. And if he falls off the sofa, I didn’t do it.

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