Another Tragedy

I hate we live in a world were posts like this one comes out.

My thoughts are with all the families affected in

Belgium – 34 dead

Ankara – 35 dead

Bagdad – 47 dead

Libya – 50 dead

And that is just this year, Isis are an ecumentical terrorist group, they don’t care who they kill. Just as long as they have killed.

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9 Responses to Another Tragedy

  1. DaisyWillows says:

    And I don’t think it is going to stop. 😦 A sad sad world we live in.

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  2. Miriam says:

    It’s all so senseless and such a waste of life. Sad times we live in.

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  3. It seems to me that killing just for the sake of killing is pretty much against all religions so WTF!!!

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  4. gm1123 says:

    so angry, so sad…so senseless…so bad….ggrrrrrr….

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