Taking the piss

taking the piss

“see I have my leg still”

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8 Responses to Taking the piss

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    No! B&W kitty is being so mean. Bad kitty. Yellow kitty is a special needs kitty and deserves extra love. I hope B&W kitty is only teasing.

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  2. Micki Allen says:

    Forgive my ignorance; what is “taking the piss”?

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    • taking the mick? Not sure if that makes it clearer

      making fun of someone (or in this case the cat)


      • Micki Allen says:

        Hmm… still not super clear, but I get the gist. I ask because one of my favorite series is Hannibal with Mads Mikkelson in the title role. In one episode an acquaintance says, “I was hoping to take the piss.” I knew he wasn’t asking to go to the WC, but it was just such an odd thing to say in the context of the conversation.

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      • If you hadn’t heard the expression I can see the confusion, it is just I was hoping to mock, it does have different meanings though depending on context sometimes it means you are taking liberties with someone elses generosity the term is the same but its more xyz is really taking the piss now.

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      • Micki Allen says:

        Aha! Okay. That makes a lot of sense in the context I’d originally heard the phrase. Look at you! Schoolin’ me to be all international. Thank you, Punkin’. =0)

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      • Most welcome, I am sure I will come to you with some phrases I have never heard of

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