I could give a yoyo a run for its money

I have gone from depressed to manic, to not feeling anything, which as I explained to a friend, I prefer being depressed over not feeling anything, not having any motivation or inspiration to do anything.

I am not sure, how I will tomorrow or the next day, but for today, I felt like writing. So I have done.

So lovely people, what inspires you to get out and about? Give me some ideas

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21 Responses to I could give a yoyo a run for its money

  1. Mel (Hippo256) says:

    My partner really keeps me going in life.
    I love animals a lot, so doing something with animals helps me too. When I feel ok/good, I also enjoy certain sports, nature and photography (and others things like that).
    But I’m feeling well right now, so now it’s a lot easier to say those things and feel (good) stuff. But I can relate to how you’re feeling.

    I hope you’ll feel something, preferably happy, soon.

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  2. My anxiety makes me fear wasting time, so I use it as a motivator to get out and about. SEnding hugs and positive energy your way!

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  3. gm1123 says:

    Simply the fact that I am alive to enjoy another day.
    Don’t sleep it away, make the most of every day.

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  4. I get a bunch of ingredients and cook. And make a ruckus in the kitchen. Are you into that? Sending you some food dusts to tie you over. X.

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  5. DaisyWillows says:

    These lovely people have great ideas already. I’ve commented on them. Getting out the house helps- even if for only an hour to do household shopping. Riveting stuff I know but I find I can hide myself away and become mute so I really need routine. I have a cleaning routine I aim to do every morning, I sometimes only mange to do it at night but the point is I set myself goals. Like exercise and reading a story to my daughter. I sometimes find forcing myself to communicate helps and blogging helps me. I get a lot of support by just telling it like it is xxxx

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  6. Bradley says:

    I understand the desire to feel depressed rather than feeling nothing at all. The lack of motivation is a bad spot for me to be as well. The fact that you were able to write a post, and helping more than you realize, is a big accomplishment.

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  7. cinlorac says:

    I can totally relate with you. A trip to the beach, with the wind blowing in my face helps loads! A sitting with friends or my fav cousin also helps. If all that doesn’t work, petting my dog always gets my mood up πŸ˜€

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