What is going on with the government

This tax thing is interesting. For those who don’t know, papers have been leaked and revealed a large amount of people have had off shore accounts and paid no tax on the money. David Cameron the UK Prime Minister is one of those, although it is more linked to his father, however he has revealed he did sell the shares that he owned before he became Prime Minister.

Then to try and elevate the problem he released his tax returns, which has not helped, infact I think it has made it worse.

Now I am in the field of we should know the full extent of ministers finances, if you go into the field of becoming a minister, you should be an open book and I include wives in that as well, especially the Prime Minister’s wife who uses tax payers money for certain things.

I might not minded so much if he hadn’t, in an interview, declared Jimmy Carr immoral for using a tax haven. People should not throw stones in glass houses, and this is what he has done.

Do I think he should resign, yes I do, I am not sure if he has done anything illegal, but by his own words it was immoral, so yes he should stand by his own judgement and resign and I feel a general election should be held, as he stands to not only as Prime minister but as leader for his Party, and so he has lost the people’s trust not only in himself but in his party.

Do I think this is going to happen? No I think I have a higher chance of winning the lottery, once someone has power, it is difficult to let it go.


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46 Responses to What is going on with the government

  1. Simon says:

    I feel ya here. But will the guy replacing him be any better?

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  2. Bradley says:

    I’m across the pond from you, but it’s interesting to see that politics is politics everywhere in the world

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  3. This is quite and embarrasing thing to come out. I was reading about the other day. It will be interesting to see what happens now.

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