Epically Awesome award

Daisy along with nominating me for the Versatile Award also nominated me for this one as well. Thank you so much Daisy, please go visit her


So Daisy copied the rules off the person who created it and I have coped it from her


OK, I gave this one away a couple of months ago to a nice sized handful of people and it caught fire and spread through Word Press pretty quickly. The rules will be simple as I am making them up.

 For the award, post the picture of it in your post and thank your nominator while linking to them. Tell the blogging world 5 things about yourself and/or your blog. Select 5 nominees, name and link to them. Put their names in a list then hi lite them and go to the top of the editor and see the chain link, click that and paste their homepage URL. Then send a copy of your finished post’s URL to each person in their most recent post and you are all done.

 As for some newbies what I like to do is open a page devoted to the award, go through my followers and open a new page for each from their homepage to post the first URL for all to click on and I go down the list and then link to them. Do not be surprised if your nominees do not do a post regarding it as many have an award free blog or they are too busy. I am nominating well more than 5 and for a good reason.  I encourage those who read this post to check out these blogs as many are newer or new to you

epic awsome

And my 5 nominees







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5 Responses to Epically Awesome award

  1. Mysticalwriter says:

    Congratulations on your award & to the nominees

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  2. Congratulations, you are epically awesome 🙂

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