Is it a bad thing?

Where it looks like your shrink is trying not to laugh?

This morning I had an app with my new shrink. I haven’t seen anyone since before Christmas, its fortunate I keep a mood diary so I can say how I have been since seeing someone, but as it was a new shrink, it means we have to go through the process from the beggining which means I may end up with a whole new hosts of labels. I wonder what I shall get this time.

Anyway I try and explain everything, which is tough in a 20 minute session and like always, my flip side tends to come out. I explain the ups and the downs and then I get to the OCD part and always having four weeks worth of shopping, like fairy liquid, bleach that sort of thing. Which then leads on to my cleaning rota and how each room is done on a different day with phonecalls being done on a Friday.

She honestly looked at me as though I was going insane, I don’t think she could believe what she was hearing.

I am not sure if when she looks at me her view of me is different to what is coming out my mouth. I am very vocal when it comes to talking to doctors, a friend told me they are there to help and can’t unless you tell them what is wrong. So I make sure I say what is in my head, which is not always a good idea, plus I am still a bit manic so talk faster anyway.


Anyway thats it for another 2 months, she has put me on some nice drugs for the anxiety, and we will go from there.

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40 Responses to Is it a bad thing?

  1. Mel (Hippo256) says:

    I hope it will go well!

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  2. darkyear6 says:

    Hey 🙂

    I think it’s their way of dealing with what we say because we all deal with our problems differently and some things they’ve probably never heard before. I’m sure it was nothing though, just a coping mechanism. So please, don’t feel worried. At the end of they day they are getting paid so next time perhaps mention it, say it makes you feel uncomfortable the way they laughed at what u said.

    Last time, I made my therapist spit his water out because i referred to him as a nose spray. (I feel all bunged up and then he makes me feel all fresh again)

    I probably didn’t help but I thought i’d try.

    Have a lovely day

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  3. Sheila Moss says:

    She is a shrink. She looks at everyone like they are insane. LOL Seriously, it takes a while to build a relationship. If you feel she is laughing at you, though, and you are not being funny, maybe she is not the counselor for you. Do you have a choice or do you have to go to her if you do not click?

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  4. gm1123 says:

    That first line reminded me of the time I took advantage of my university’s free counseling session. She looked at me and smieked and tried not to laugh. I was very offended and never went back. Best of luck to you!

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  5. Good luck, and if she continues to laugh at you, then methinks a different counselor is needed. I’m outta luck as I have to go to one that’s free, and I’m doing all the work myself. But keep plugging away as I know you can do it!

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  6. Bradley says:

    I’ve made my pdoc and my therapist laugh when I tell them things I’ve done or felt. It’s never been in a way that’s hurtful – more like they are laughing with me with the absurdity of it all. I like that it reminds me they’re human.

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  7. Sometimes it makes you wonder which side of the couch each of you are on.🙉🙈🙊

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  8. alifewithtrials says:

    surely that cant be good having different shrinks all the time?

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    • Its not, with each shrink, you have to start from the beggining, I have found that you get different diagnoises as well. I have gone from OCD traits to straight OCD, and from social anxiety to general anxiety. It will probably change again, it gets very frustrating each time it changes, but I suppose that is what happens with free health care. At least I am being seen.

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  9. Don’t the doctors pass along their notes from one to the other? Having to tell your story from the beginning if you change is kind of frustrating, isn’t it? At least the doctor was nice.

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  10. gm1123 says:

    I guess this is a reason why many of us here in America is so against Obama care or some sort of socialized health care. The downfalls. I myself, probably am against. And a my the same time, I am against the high cost. I am against our insurance companies screwing us. I don’t know the answer.


    • I have tried every polite way I can but I can’t. America is the only country in the western world without universal healthcare. You talk about cost? 12% of what I earn in a year. How much is your insurance? I don’t have to worry about going to the ER and trying to find the money. The USA health system is a joke


  11. gm1123 says:

    I agree, health care, as well as many other things here are a joke. The thought of someone making me buy something ‘for my own good’ or not, i dislike vehemently. But, yes, our system is flawed. Extremely.

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