I promise I am not rude

I have had a few people recently follow me and comment, Hi new people, I promise I am normally on the ball, but I have been very behind recently, with everything but I am catching up, so if you haven’t seen me wondering round your blog. I am coming, I normally bring cookies.

So if you are a recent follower, welcome, for less recent people, I am reading through your posts and I will soon be back to normal. Well as normal as I get 😉

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28 Responses to I promise I am not rude

  1. It can sure get hectic

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  2. Bradley says:

    I think I still qualify as one of your new people. You’re not rude at all, just busy.

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  3. No worries. I’m not going anywhere soon. Stop by if ya want. I’ll leave the light on. 😃

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  4. Life can get very busy. At least it ‘t boring.

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