Some good news

Today I received a letter from a charity I contacted to help me pay for my cat’s vet bills. For those who are unaware you can read the story here and they have agreed to pay £200 double what we thought they would give us.


Still have over £500 to find, but it is a lot more managable, that the £1200 bill we were facing.

I am overwhelmed with the people who have donated, every little helped and it really has.

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10 Responses to Some good news

  1. garym6059 says:

    That’s awesome to hear :).

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  2. Mysticalwriter says:

    Am happy to read about your good news!! The one thing I didn’t know that there are charities out there to help pay for pet expenses. I really think that it is cool that these places do exist!

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  3. Diana says:

    Glad you found some help Wasn’t aware there were charities to help pay vet bills. I use Care Credit. No interest if paid off in time they give you, and it’s reasonable time periods with monthly payments. Luckily only had to use it once. Animal Health care system is as broken and unreachable as the U.S. Human Health care system. Unaffordable to many.

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  4. How nice. I am so glad that agency was there for you.

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