Its a joke

As more research is being done, more and more mental health problems are being discovered and also they are being diagnoised earlier and earlier

I am not talking about neurological impairment like any child on the autism spectrum. I am talking about depression, anxiety, OCD and all the many others out there.

I know there are some people out there who think children have never had it so good and so shouldn’t be suffering from mental health problems, but these people are ignorant.

The problem here in the UK, is there is no money for the children mental health service. In fact its a joke, parents face an uphill battle, I would call it insurmountable. You have to first, get a child to tell you what is wrong, by talking to them about their feelings and watching their actions. I often find it difficult to try and explain what is my head and what I am feeling, but I have done a lot of research into mental health for my own sake. Try getting a 9 year old to explain that they feel nothing. Or that just leaving the house wants to make them throw up and they don’t know why.

Next is to the doctor’s. where again the child has to try and explain what is wrong with them. The problem here, is if you don’t get a good doctor, you could be dismissed as being an over protective parent, or worse, given drugs for your child. If you do get a good doctor, you could get a referal to the children mental health service, which are so under funded that unless you are about to commit suicide or shoot up a school (not sure how that is possible in the UK but run with it) then you are not considered to be at risk, so its rare those children are referred back to the GP, and then gets bounced around different services for a few months.

For myself personally I believe more money needs to be funnelled into the childrens mental health services. A lot more. Mental health is such that for some if diagnoised earlier and things put in place, then it doesn’t become a problem, people like myself, who are now so screwed up that it could take years to fix my head, may not exist.


I am not saying we would eleminiate mental health problems, the disease is such a bastard it could strike at anytime, but for those who suffer from it from an early age, it could save a lot of heartache

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14 Responses to Its a joke

  1. gm1123 says:

    I think about this sometimes. Then I think, we are humans. We are faulted. We are not perfect. Humans in general, are faulty beings. And then we are looking to other faulty humans to heal the mental health population? I don’t mean to be so pesamistic but what is the answer? How do we heal people? How do we get the mentally ill proper care? My little cousin was discharged less than 24 hours before she committed suicide. Did they think she was Aok? Why was she let go? Did the insurance run out? Was the hospital full? I don’t have the answers but what I do think is it needs a complete overhaul.

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    • Its slightly different in the UK to the American health system, as we have free health care. So it is very much up to which ever government happens to be in at the time as to how much money our health service gets and which part, but the in thing for governments at the moment, in the uk, is to screw the younger generation. Going to university is a pipe dream for many, owning your home is only going to happen if you are a top earner, which isn’t going to happen unless you invent something really cool or go to university


      • gm1123 says:

        And I repeat–we as humans are a faulty species. To think that we as the same species will hold out in giving others the best help that is available is absurd. Yet it happens all the time. This makes me angry, so damn Angry. I think such terrible things when I allow myself to think about it. Grrrrrrr😤😤

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      • Think fluffy clouds.

        And I do agree with you, I really believe once we get rid of money it will be a better world, but then there will still be power and that is almost if not worse than money

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  2. Simon says:

    I know how you feel here, I’m going through this with my child. The thing is they would save a ton of money if they actually had a clue how to organise themselves

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