I found a green grocer

Now while this might not be exciting for anyone but me, I am very into buying from my local shops.

I get all my meat from my local butcher, fish friday we get from our local fishmonger.

These guys can tell me where my meat came from and who caught the fish I am about to eat. I love it I have been desperate to find a green grocer though. Supermarkets are good, but I doubt where they get all their meat. Also I like supporting my local shops.

We did do pick your own for a little while, but my son gets bored with it, no matter how hard I try.

But I have found one.

This was so exciting I phoned my dad to let him know. Got a 20 minute history lesson on Malta (he is maltese) and then forgot to tell him.


Bloody typical.

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10 Responses to I found a green grocer

  1. Simon says:

    Sounds about right lol

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  2. My dad tells me all the time, well I’m 81 now, I’m starting to lose some memory you know. I say, Don’t feel bad! I’m 41 and I can’t remember anything!! I have notes literally EVERYWHERE lol

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  3. Sounds like my phone calls to my Dad. Ha ha

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