Take that insomnia

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging is because I have been trying to cure my insomnia.


I have tried more or less everything from pills down to herbal stuff, nothing worked so I tried the kill yourself method.

Basically, you go to bed and lie there till you fall asleep, then get up when your alarm goes off. In my case when my son wakes up, this is normally between 6am-7am. I wasn’t going to sleep till maybe 5am, so having 1-2 hours sleep. Then try not to nap and then go to bed and start again.

A week of living on 2 hours sleep a day is not easy, but on Friday, I feel asleep at 12pm and slept right through till 6am. I cannot remember the last time that happened. Added to that on Saturday night again fast asleep by midnight, my son woke me up at 8am, I cannot remember the last time he slept through till 8.

Not sure what tonight is going to bring, but hopefully this will continue.

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32 Responses to Take that insomnia

  1. Me says:

    Oh jeez I hate insomnia, I do not envy you at all…I had a six month period of really struggling to sleep (not mania-related) and I ended up getting terrible migraines and feeling so nauseous because I just wasn’t sleeping enough…bleh.

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  2. alifewithtrials says:

    I’m glad that you are finally sleeping better!

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  3. Simon says:

    Yay! Fingers crossed you’ve cracked it! 😃

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  4. He’ll sleep longer as he ages. Woot! But, you’ll lose nap time. 😕

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  5. DaisyWillows says:

    Oh I remember those days well. I hope you get back to some sense of normalcy in your sleeping world. I wonder what triggered it? x

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  6. Sheila Moss says:

    Great! Good luck.

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  7. Sleep is so important to me so this sounds like utter torture. I’ve had sleeping problems in the past and they made miserable 😦

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  8. Hope you got some rest by now

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  9. Miriam says:

    Really hope that your sleeping patterns keep improving. It’s so hard to function properly without sleep.

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  10. This is very exciting! 2 full nights sleep.

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  11. fakeflamenco says:

    maybe tired parents need sleep sanctuaries from time to time!

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