Whooo hooo

Last year I had a miserable summer and I couldn’t fit my thighs into my favourite shorts

This year I still have stone to go but check it out

weight lost

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31 Responses to Whooo hooo

  1. A Kinder Way says:

    Whoooo Hooo is right! good for you!!

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  2. ellenbest24 says:

    I’d whistle whit whoo… but i wouldn’t want to give you the wrong idea… just because you are getting cute doesn’t mean that I, even though straight should act or respond in a manner thats not politically correct. But shit girl you doing good! Heeeheeehee!

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  3. Woohoo is the perfect word!! Awesome!!

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  4. Great! Good for you woohoo 😉

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  5. Yay! Awesome feeling!!

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  6. DaisyWillows says:

    Awesome that you are feeling fit and more healthy 🙂 happy days xx

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  7. trE says:

    Hey now! That’s some good news!

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  8. Diana says:

    Yeah! something to celebrate!

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  9. alifewithtrials says:

    Congratulations! 💗👏🏻

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  10. garym6059 says:

    Photo shoot coming soon? Hammy is following this with much anticipation! Congratulations!!!!!!!

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  11. Fabulous, good for you! Whoooo Hooooo!!

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