Make me feel better

This morning my son got dressed on his own, at 4 we celebrate this.

I walked in down to the school, came back and then did the laundry. At 10.30, an hour and a half after he had been at school. I discovered his uniform.

Yep thats right, I sent my son into school without his uniform.


Massive parenting fail. I didn’t notice at any of the three times I saw his t-shirt.


So come on share with me some of your parenting fails.

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22 Responses to Make me feel better

  1. DaisyWillows says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who still helps my one get dressed and undressed. I still have issues with my little girls toileting and feel like an epic failure in that depo 😦

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  2. Too many to list. But one thing I never fail at is having their backs and being there for everything. That’s all that matters, I hope. 😃

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  3. honestme363 says:

    How about every single time that I am grateful that she is quietly playing in her room when the reality is she is coloring all over her walls? Or playing with scissors. Hope that helps. She isn’t in school yet 😉

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  4. My fail one day was I gave an onion for lunch instead of an apple ☺

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  5. About an hour after I dropped her off. She still goes on about it now after a few months ☺

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  6. There is no guide book to perfect parenting. I picked my son up from the sitter once. Got him all buckled into the carseat in back. then remembered I didn’t give the sitter my schedule for the coming week. I told me son I would be right back and went up to the door to give her my schedule. In the mean time my son unbuckled his car seat, hopped into the driver seat, started the car and put it in gear and attempted to drive through the sitters garage! I am wearing a dress and heels but run back to the car, high hurdle it to get to the drivers side, reach in and put it in park! My three year old son had the biggest sweetest smile on his face and said “Driving Mommie Driving!” Thank fully because he was only three and couldn’t reach the gas there was mimimal damage to Kirstens garage and my car. Thank the Godhead I didn’t park on the street! Yup there is no perfect parenting guide. as long as they hare healthy and happy we’re good.

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  7. I am sorry this made me laugh so much 😂

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