This is a new one

On Monday we went and got our meat for the month from our butcher, we have been going there for years and have a very good relationship with them.

My partner paid with his card and it got voided. Butcher said its the machine and put it through again, and then again and it got declined both times.

We asked them to keep our order till we could sort it out, but since he is lovely and he is over 6ft tall and knows where we live, he said to take it.

We get home and my partner checks his bank account, the money missing is the exact money that we owed the butcher, so he gets on the phone and they tell us the butcher has it. He rings the butcher and they say nop, but they will poll and get back to us, end of the day they ring and they don’t have the money. But to give it 48 hours, which we do.

The another 24 hours, just incase, this is now Thursday. We have no money but food, the butcher has no food and no money and the bank says the butcher has the money but no proof. But there is nothing that can be done.

At this point I have had it with my partner’s bank, I use to be with them, and due to them being appalling, I left. So I do what everyone does and use twitter and socialfacebook.

I have condensed this story down, because of the amount of time we wasted, ringing the bank, waiting a minimum of 25 minutes to get through to them to try and get a pending transaction statement, which from what I gathered from friends and from what I know about my bank, seems to come as standard on everyone elses internet banking. For four days straight, would take up an entire blog let alone a post.

But then surprise surprise after insisting it will take a full 7 working days, 2 hours after ranting on social media, the money is back into his account.

I have never known anything like this. I have had money taken out by fraud, I have spent to much and had to try and figure it out but never have I had money just disappear. Has anyone?

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21 Responses to This is a new one

  1. Simon says:

    Not that I know of. Is the HSBC by any chance?

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  2. garym6059 says:

    I’ll get on that damn hamster of mine!

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  3. There must be hundreds of hackers out there and play a game just to obfuscate simple transactions like this and perhaps the banks are not at fault. Every time they strengthen their on line banking the rascals get in and it starts all over again. Then there is the matter of the real crooks stealing money by redirecting the transaction with many techniques. It really does take a bank 1-2 weeks to get it all fixed.

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    • I agree, there is so many, my main issue, was the bank insisted that the butcher had it but couldn’t send us proof. We could prove it left our account and the butcher could prove that it hadn’t reached their’s. In any other bank I have had, they tend to give the money, investigate and go from their. This bank wasn’t even willing to investigate or maybe couldn’t, who knows.

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  4. Have had several issues with Bank America. They seem to get hard. We had ATM pin changed and money withdrawn one time. They tracked it down, reimbursed but I asked how did they do the crime? Bank said fraud. What does that mean? With security protocols sometimes I can hardly get into my accounts myself so how do the bad guys bypass all that?Many countries can shut down our complete financial system and freeze up all money as can US in cyber space attack. But when that happens one had better have at least half a year’s cash for all needs under the mattress. One could not even pay the mortgage electronically or with checks. ATM ain’t gonna work. So plant your own vegetable garden too and learn how to can food. Oh, this is no conspiracy theory. It can be done.

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    • I agree, I have had my bank account raided 3 times, with 3 different banks, if someone wants to get into your account they will. Its the same with computer viruses, you can’t come up with a cure, till someone invents the virus. Banks can think they have the most up to date security right up till someone breaks in and then they fix that problem only for someone to get in a different way

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  5. Glad it eventually worked out. And awfully glad you have a butcher who will work with you on the food order, that’s a rarity in these days so that’s wonderful!

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  6. Sheila Moss says:

    It was good that the butcher let you have the meat and was willing to wait until it was straightened out. I am surprised that the bank didn’t cover it while they investigated the problem, though, since the transaction was disputed. It’s a grocery bill, for Pete sakes, not like you are buying out the electronics store or emptying the jewelry store. Poor customer service. I’ve quit banks over less than this. I deal with Bank of America and in spite of bad things people say about them, they have been very helpful an cooperative with me. I just got an email from them that my checking account was under $25 (whoops) and I had to scurry and transfer money before it was overdrawn.

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