Dogs and their bloody owners

I am of the mind that its not normally bad dogs its bad owners. If you get a dog, you research into the breed, find out what that breed needs, how much time you have to invest into walking, training and such like.

So it annoys me no end when I come across a dog that ignores its owner.

For an example, while walking the dog yesterday with my son, a small yorkshire terrior comes storming over from the opposite side of the field and headed straight for my son. The owner just turned away and kept walking. He must of heard my son scream in fright, while it may have been a small dog, having one hurtling towards you is a scary sight for anyone let alone for a four year old boy.

Then this morning, I took my dog and the cat followed. Our field is normally a very quiet one.

For those who don’t know this is Gizmo

taking the piss

He only has three legs, so the dog is very protective of him


cuddle 3

This morning, a lady came in with her dog, which chased after Giz. Here is the conversation

“Its ok he just loves the chase”
“He might love the chase but its not exactly fair your three and a half stone four legged dog against my half a stone three legged cat, but as long as he loves the chase thats ok”

It really annoys me. I work hard with Max trying to make him less aggressive but he sees dogs chasing Giz, chasing my son, charging up to him and he reacts and I only get, its ok he/her is friendly, he wouldn’t bite, they are just saying hello. Good for your fucking dog, but my dog sees your dog as a threat and if you don’t have good fucking recall on your dog then keep them on the fucking lead


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12 Responses to Dogs and their bloody owners

  1. Me says:

    Agree, dogs off lead must have good recall – and dogs don’ *need* off lead walks, it’s perfectly possible to tire them using a longline.

    Our oldest dog is walked on a longline because his recall sucks when he’s chasing something / sees farm animals. Our 10 month old goes off lead in suitable places (90% of his walks have off lead portions) as he has good recall so long as there are no super exciting distractionsnamely other dogs. This means we walk him places where we can see around us. The new girl we found, she has absolutely no idea she needs to stay close / respond to us outdoors, so even though she’s so young (and with most puppies you get them off lead asap because they stick to you like glue) I have a feeling she will always be on a longline outdoors.

    You gotta know your dog, and you have to stop it from bothering anything else…be it kids, livestock, or other dogs.

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  2. I agree, if people don’t control their animals they need to be prepared to suffer the consequences when I retaliate in order to protect mine!!

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  3. Bradley says:

    A smaller dogs teeth can be just as sharp as a larger dogs teeth. It’s pretty easy for a four year old to fall down when any sized dog is coming at him,

    This is why I don’t have pets. I love and adore other peoples pets, but I don’t want the responsibility.

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    • I have a dog and two cats, my dog is aggressive towards other dogs, which is why if we go somewhere busy, he is on the lead and muzzled. He has great recall, its other dogs I am worried about, they bound up to him and I get its ok he/she is friendly, thats great but my dog isn’t, which is why he has a muzzle on

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  4. It’s so frustrating when my kids who are scared of dogs jumping on them and owners are saying ‘he’s friendly ‘ My kids are scared and that’s all I can see. Would the owners like it something bigger started jumping up and licking them ? My kids are cute but I wouldn’t let them jump on and lick strangers

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  5. Forestwood says:

    There are idiots everywhere. They think their dogs are playing but their behaviour is aggressive. Mine are always on a lead.

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