One of the many things that annoys me

Is that there is not really a good channel to have on, for both adults and a four year old.

Cbeebies is good, but I can only handle it for a few hours a day. My son is just that little bit too young for the CBBC, leaving me with not a lot of choice. You have some channels that I could happily watch like universal, but watching a murder show with a four year old isn’t great. He probably wouldn’t get it, but it doesn’t sit right with me.

Things like supergirl, flash, arrow, have that little bit too much violence.

Leaving me with things like 15-1, countdown, *snores* and general other quiz shows which my son won’t watch.

My son won’t really watch films, he doesn’t have the attention span for it. Leaving me with not a lot of choice.

At the moment I am resorting to the radio because I need some type of noise.

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13 Responses to One of the many things that annoys me

  1. Music is a much better choice than television anyday. With music we can be busy doing other things with the television we sit for hours doing nothing.

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