*Reblog* Never give up! from Daisy

Here are some hints and tips of blogging. I watch my stats go up and down depending on my posting and more importantly my interaction with other bloggers

Daisy in the willows

We hear this all the time, don’t we?

I’ve heard it from so many over the years that it has become part of my default ways of coping. How ever I put this post it will come across as if I am gloating. I guess a  way around that is to say

“well somebody has to pat me on the back”

So, I will go ahead with that in mind. When I started blogging way back in September. I had no idea the response if any I would get from people.


I got likes from Face book and Twitter which I am grateful for.  It was when I started getting Word Press supporters when my mouth dropped open wide; since I was concentrating most of my time on Word press.

Last year I ended up with a solid number of followers.  I couldn’t quite believe it. Since January that figure…

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3 Responses to *Reblog* Never give up! from Daisy

  1. Sometimes there is no hope, but still one has to learn to make the best of it without hope. I think that hope without reality check can lead to delusion.

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  2. I am just starting to blog and it is overwhelming. Thank your for your informative post.

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