Why I shouldn’t ever watch the news

I watched ITV News (mistake) they were doing a report on the EU reforendum. Apparently The Chancellor has realised a report about how if we leave is basically saying we want to have another recession, the figures that have come from the chancellor of the excequer office are all very leaned (some might say biased) towards staying in the EU for some reason.


Woman are more than half the vote for this, so they did a report with women explaining how to get their vote.

This is the conversation between me and the TV

Woman on TV: “There is too much information”

Me: Well of course there is too much information its a fucking massive decision which is going to have a massive impact on this country either way.

Woman on TV “I want them to come to me to explain it”

Me: There is a new invention called the internet, its amazing the information that can be learned off it. Its not all about fucking cat photos

Woman on TV “I am just not sure what its about”

Its at this point my partner took the diet coke bottle I had aimed at the TV and turned over

I swear to God some people need a test to see if they can vote

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24 Responses to Why I shouldn’t ever watch the news

  1. Simon says:

    You need to take over…

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  2. What decides who will win is the media. Most people just do what the media will tell them to do, men and women alike. This said, women are particularly prone to be influenced by the media, irrespective of whether something makes sense or not. For instance unquestionably following crazy diets, trends, fads and fashion.

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  3. gm1123 says:

    They walk among us!

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