I often wonder why media channels never show shows that shows (I know I used that word too many times) people from deprived areas doing well,

Rather we see benefit street, getting married on benefits I could go on. Mainly its cause those shows sell, we love getting pissed off at people who are on benefits getting more than those working, when in fact this is not the truth and I would bet my cat (you get to choose which one) that a large amount of people on benefits would give anything to be off them.

They sell because the public love to be able to hate something somewhere. Have you ever been on a right winged page? I wouldn’t reccommend it phrases like get rid of them Muslims and throw pork chops/ ham joints etc after them.

The obvious phrase is if the ….. Muslims who fought with us in world war 2 were not really that scared then, a piece of ham is not going to do much you racists fuckwit.

Left winged pages are not really that much better, more passive aggressive which annoys me more.

Basically we, as the general public, need to stop listening to the media and take a look around at our neighbours and friends. A massive change needs to happen, basically to take back our freedom and stop believing what we are told and do our own research.

It’s time we remembered the left and right are wings of the same bird. We need a middle ground

Rant over

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2 Responses to Ranting

  1. amommasview says:

    Hey, I love your last sentence!!!

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