Best friends

One of my amazing friends C (I try not to identify them, cause some of them don’t like their lives all over the internet. These people are weird) Anyway C she is single, she enjoys being single.

I admire her for that, she is an amazingly strong lady, who has gotten over some really shit mental health problems, but this makes it easier for us to talk to each other, we have an understanding of what the other is going through.

Anyway the reason why I say this is along with mental health problems, her back is fucked, its painful for her to roll out of bed in the morning, and the doctors don’t do much for her.

So her solution is to find aΒ  chiropractor to date. Solves her being single (which she doesn’t mind) but in her mind it means she won’t have to pay or wait the nearly 2 year waiting list on the NHS

So if there are any chiropractors out there, she is beautiful, clever, very funny, a vegan, mad as a box of fruit loops and very fussy about her house. This lovely lady is available.

This is what happens when I say what shall I write about and her answer is “If there are any chiropractors out there for your amazing friend”

Or if you have anything you do for back problems.

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26 Responses to Best friends

  1. TT says:

    Interesting motive for marriage….hahaha πŸ™‚ jk

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  2. M says:

    Don’t forget her tats!! She has some awesome tattoos. That’s an extra brownie point for me 😜

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  3. Simon says:

    I like the thinking here, no one can say she’s marrying for money.

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