It doesn’t effect me

A friend of mine shared a video with me. This video


And asked me if maybe this was a topic that I could write about. The thing is this doesn’t effect me, I am allergic to chocolate, I don’t eat it, don’t buy it, if my son eats it, it has been brought in by someone else.

So why should I write about a topic that has no effect on my life?


Well because I am human these guys are human and this is heartbreaking. So what if it doesn’t effect me. That is the attitude that goes round too much today. The government are cutting benefits, well it doesn’t effect me so why should I complain. You hear screams as the next door neighbour beats his wife again. Well it doesn’t effect me so why should I get involved. A rape happens in the street where there are hundreds of flats, but it doesn’t effect me so why should I get involved.

Maybe if we changed this attitude and think it doesn’t effect me but it does effect others, the world might be a different place.

Back to the video, these men are earning pence, for an industry that is worth billions and they have no idea what the beans are for. The chocolate is selling for 2 euros and the farmer that produces it earns 7 euros

its like a farmer growing wheat and not knowing what is being done with it and then paying him 30p a day,

We may have abolished slavery, but we still treat a lot of people like utter crap and this is why I care. Everyone in the world, should be able to have clean water, a living wage and food to feed themselves and their families. Maybe the “whites” as we were called should start doing something and not have the attitude of it doesn’t effect me



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  1. DaisyWillows says:

    I’m on your team xxx

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