Rip off merchants

A conversation I have had with a finance company.

Me: My partner is losing his job so we would like to try and come up with a mutual arrangement and lower our payments, at the moment its £30 a week, we would like to try and reduce that to £20

Company: You are in arrears so we need to account for that

Me: Yes I am aware of that, but I have taken that into account

Company: We cannot accept £20, but can accept £40

Me: What the fuck

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8 Responses to Rip off merchants

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    Send them £20 and see if they send it back. LOL

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  2. Kinda Bexy says:

    I would [ TELL ] them the truth of what you can and are going to do in writing and do it:
    This is how much we can afford to pay you £20 now 3/6/2016 due to loss of employment. We want to work with you to clear our debt, so if our situation changes, we will let you know straight away and pay it off sooner.
    If a creditor says you’ll be sued if you don’t pay the amount they WANT (not an amount you have agree to), just stay calm and ask for specifics: “When can I expect to be notified of this lawsuit?” Some threats may be illegal, so take notes of everything spoken over the phone or if someone comes around, but I would say keep all dealings with the company. Don’t throw away mail from your creditors or stuff it in a drawer. Open it, read it, and save it in a file along with the notes in chronological order. Everyone (especially if they have been born into riches) at some point will owe something.
    Note: Buy stamps

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  3. I agree, send the 20 if that is what you can afford. They will most likely not refuse it or say anything because you are sending them something and that is better than not sending anything at all.

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