The good with the bad

I know I haven’t talked about my mental health recently, its not because its suddenly gone away (I can wish) but when I am in a down period I often find it difficult to write, I just can’t be arsed. And there is also that fear that no one cares. And then when I am manic, I have about fifty thousand other things to be doing.

And then when I am level, its difficult to try and recapture the feeling and explain it to people who have not experienced the emotions. I mean how are you going to try and explain something which you cannot explain to yourself.

I suppose its a bit like being really tired and then have a 72 hour nap and finding that you don’t need sleep.

I think next time (there is always a next time) I shall explain it to my partner and get him to write it down. That could work

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15 Responses to The good with the bad

  1. That would be an interesting post. I would like to understand what you are feeling and experiencing.

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