Leaving the toilet

One of the things I hear a lot of parents complain about is not being able to go to the toilet by themselves.

I now lack sympathy for anyone who complains about this.

This is what I deal with


toilet 2

The only reason the small child wasn’t there as well was because it was past his bedtime

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15 Responses to Leaving the toilet

  1. That is so funny. Bwahahahahaha!

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  2. At a party on Saturday (I blogged about this mini-mansion), the bathroom door was so thick that as my 7 yr old is standing outside the door yelling “MOM!” I respond, “what?”. This goes on roughly 3 more times. Thinking there clearly must be an emergency, I open the door with my shorts 1/2 down yelling “WHAT??” Apparently the door was so thick, he couldn’t here me respond each time. There was no emergency, he just had to go #2 now.

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  3. ravenwing72 says:

    I feel your pain here. One cat, two kids.

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  4. I love it!
    Cats are just furry two year olds…

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  5. Hahaaaa! All the time! And then they snuggle up with you. 😊

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