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this is happening all over the world, when will we open our eyes and see the truth

Art by Rob Goldstein

This was in my email today. I had to share it.

Art by Rob Goldstein

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15 Responses to *Reblog* Today’s Email

  1. Izrael says:

    This is the sad truth.

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  2. Bradley says:

    It makes me sad because it is so true.

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  3. Thanks for the re-blog. We can change this sorry truth. But it will take a firm political commitment to consistently use our vote to elect representatives who are ethical who understand that a real democracy is one that allocates resources in ways that benefit all of the people.

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    • I am getting to the point where I don’t think I am going to see that in my lifetime and I am only 33

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      • I’ve seen a lot of things I thought I’d never see in my lifetime.

        We now have legal same sex marriage, we’ve had our first Black President and now we have the first woman to get enough votes to win the Democratic nomination.

        If enough people work together on something things change.

        We are the government.

        People who say they want to drown our government in a bathtub are actually saying that they want to kill our democracy.

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      • I think it getting to the point where the rich are winning and have brow beaten the less well off into working to live

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      • I think we all have to work at something to live and perhaps to feel alive. We should not all have to work for minimum wage jobs because the only alternative is homelessness.

        That’s economic tyranny.

        And Slavery.

        The rich had a good deal when they were smart enough to agree to a progressive tax system that funded schools, housing and health care.

        They invested in the people and got an educated and motivated work force in exchange. People do better when they live in a system that allows them to work for and achieve and a better life.

        What we have now is so debased that it barely counts as civilized.

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      • completely agree and I can only hope enough people wake up to see it

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      • Twice the number of registered Democrats as Republicans went to the polls yesterday. When democrats vote
        republicans lose election.

        That’s why they need to rig the game.

        But even rigged games collapse under the power of a engaged voting public.

        We have to get past the myth that one man or woman can undo the corruption that afflicts all three branches of our government.

        If Bernie got the nomination and the only thing the voters did was send him to the white house nothing would change.

        They have to change the entire system from bottom up.

        If Hillary becomes President and the voters send her a congress composed of people who are aligned with Bernie’s vision she will have a mandate to go left.

        It really is all about us and the choices we make.

        It’s not enough for people to wake up, they have to be committed enough to take the next step.

        I feel hopeful…:)

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      • Maybe because I am in the UK and watching the EU referundom debates I am looking at it with desperation, instead of an actual debate, all it is, is mud slinging, nothing about facts and figures.

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      • It’s almost as if the UK caught a pathogen from us, isn’t it?

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  4. If one lives in London it’s even worse. This city has minimum wages for workers and the highest rents or house prices in the world as well as the most expensive public transport in the world. The city is becoming unliveable for ordinary working people while the rich splash money left and right in buying luxury houses and dining in ridiculously expensive restaurants..

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    • weirdly I was having this exact conversation on facebook, how living anywhere near London is forcing those who have low income jobs out. And the funny thing is, if it keeps happening, then those who do the “dirty” work, cleaning toilets, waiting, retail are not going to be able to afford to do it in London and that what will the rich do

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