A little rant

Jesus, this referendum is bringing the worst out in people and I thought I saw it all in the general elections. If you vote out you are an illiterate racist and if you vote in you might as well shove your cock (it doesn’t matter if you have one) inside a pig’s mouth right now, since that is probably what you are going to be told to do by Brussels anyway.

How about there are so many issues it is beyond complicated and people need to choose what is important for them and their children (who let’s face it, this is going to effect massively) and what matters to a parent of four kids, one being disabled and who is trying to support their aging parents because their state pension doesn’t cover squat, is very different to a single person, who owns their own business and has no children.

More importantly why don’t we focus on the fact that the politicians, who represent us, should be helping us with this decision prefer mud slinging and pulling figures out their arses then actually making any sense.

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  1. Point well put across.

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