People who annoy me

If you are in the UK you may have heard of this woman, she went on a TV programme called this morning.

The basic of it was she has 12 children and wanted a 13th via a sperm donor, she was working 16 hours a week but the bulk of the money she received came from the benefit system.

I don’t know this woman and do I think this is wrong. Yes I do. This woman is just one of a few cases were the stigma of being on benefits comes from. It gives the impression that those who are on them, are scrougers who are earning a fortune. When in fact its very far from the truth and a large amount of people live day to day.

Yes the system is far from perfect but overall it does work. But this woman is going to be the person think of when parties say how benefits should be cut.

And while she did annoy me, what annoyed me more, was the fact she and she alone was responsible for this. I may not be great at sciences’ but I am fairly sure it still takes 2 to make a baby.

As far as I can find out the 12 children between them have 3 father’s. The last 6 by her (ex?) husband. Maybe we should pile a large amount of shit on him as well.

Added to this a petition has been set up demanding her benefits be slashed. She gets around £40,000 a year in benefits. Yes this sounds a lot but it comes to round about £275 a month per child. Which isn’t a huge amount if you think about it.

While this woman is abusing the system, the system has let her and to take money away from her now, is just taking it away from her children, why should they be punished for their mother.

People love to hate someone and at the moment its her, will it blow over, most certainly but the damage this lady, the press and This morning have done will be lasting, as far as I can tell no one has done a story on the flip side of people on benefits struggling. Those who have had their benefits slashed and have found the only way is suicide, these are the people who we need to hear about. The reasons why the system failed them. Not someone who can be used to help the Government push their cuts.

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18 Responses to People who annoy me

  1. Thumbup says:

    OH BOY! Don’t blame you!

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  2. It’s a shame she has been allowed to put herself in the situation she is in but I agree to cut her aide will ultimately her the children.

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  3. renxkyoko says:

    Totally agree. I know of quite a number of people who have abused the welfare system even here in the US. Those who really need help and assistance are put in a very awkward situation.

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  4. alifewithtrials says:

    When I heard about this I couldn’t believe it! How crazy!

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    • I think its crazy she is demanding another child. If she gets one in the next few months, she will get in before the cuts

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      • alifewithtrials says:

        That’s ridiculous

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      • I think that is why she is doing it, although I was saying to someone else she claims that the father’s pay nothing. It would be very interesting to find out how true that is, since support is not taken into account of any benefits. So the fathers could be giving her £1000 a month each under the table.

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      • alifewithtrials says:

        The truth will out! I hope she gets catch! I really don’t like people cheating the systems

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      • I dislike it too, but I don’t the way forward is for the cuts to be pushed on the disabled and those trying to get work. People yell there are jobs out there and there probably is, but for someone just starting out companies don’t want them because they lack experience and for the older people companies don’t want them because they are too old or in their previous jobs they earnt too much. And then after 6 months of unemployment if you state that people then turn you down because there must be a reason as to why no one else has employed them.

        There are people out there that just don’t care and are happy to remain on benefits and its those people who need to be pulled out of it

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  5. Diana says:

    This is a case of how stereotyping begins, yet it never is an absolute, where it defines ALL people on the system. It’s the same scenario of the bad apple that comes along, more rules are formed, and those rules hurt those who are good apples.
    I don’t mean this to sound cruel, but this case needs more attention and intervention then just realizing she is abusing the system. Based on only what information is offered here, and not knowing her, it seems she is seeking something that is damaged within, by external means. It is not uncommon.

    She is too busy taking care of kids, looking for means to have another, and looking for the next new one to arrive, to look within to discover what is it she is working so hard to cove up, so she never has to face it. Much like hoarders, which is a mental health disorder.
    The system needs to mandate psychological assessment, therapy and tx intervention with set goals and objectives. But most systems are too broken to do so. Or there are too many to help, and not enough helpers in the system.
    At least, that is how it is here in the U.S.

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    • She claims she is addicted to being pregnant and I have heard of this before, and there must be something in it. The new rules which the UK government are putting in though, will make sure she is unable to have another 2, she may be able to have one more, but after that she will no longer get money for anymore. Having said that the flip side of that is the new laws that are being put in place will make sure she can’t earn a lot of money without losing all the income she gets at the moment,

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  6. rugby843 says:

    I’ve heard of people herein US taking foster children for benefits. I don’t know of anyone personally who does this. There are grifters everywhere. I do feel sorry for some women who are forced into having children they can’t care for. Now with our new justice, it will only get worse.

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    • We are not at that point, however we have gone the other way, we now have a 2 child benefit system, if you have a 3rd child you don’t get any money for them. It stops something like this lady I talked about doing it. However, it also does mean, that you are potentially forcing women into having abortions. The worst thing about the rule, is the exceptions, one of which is a baby by rape. You have to prove you have been raped and not to a professional person, who is trained to deal with this sort of thing, to a pen pusher.


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