Did you ever wonder what the point

Of nuclear weapons are?

I was watching a film last night, were they insisted upon using them, to me they literally are there to kill as many people as possible, mainly civillians.

Maybe the UK (and some other governments) should get rid of them.

Just saying

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4 Responses to Did you ever wonder what the point

  1. I agree we should get rid of them. But in a controled fashion. I get why they were created… nuclear fusion, atomic energy… it was an amazing discovery and tech at the time! We were also locked in a war that was about to take countless lives, WW II. I think many people forget, don’t know, or never learned just how horrible the war against Japan was for Americans. All people talk about is how devestating those bombs were, but they never speak of the horrors that Japan also commited to both Americans and other Asians during those wars. Partciularly to Lower Asian countries and Koreans…

    I hope we can one day get rid of all our nukes. I worked on them and know their power and destruction. I also know how valuable having them is in deterring anyone from messing with us. While that may not be a strong reason for many… it is for me. Because war is hell.

    I hope all is well with you! Sorry to go on and on.


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    • Not at all Jason, go on for as long as you like. I only have an extreme basic knowledge, what I do know is 5 countries have nuclear weapons for sure and 3 more may have them. Considering how many countries there are in the world, it might be considered that those who have them are in the wrong for having them, but I don’t know how you get rid of them in a controlled way, I assume there is since I think about 8 countries have gotten rid of theirs

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      • I believe it is possible, but desire must be increased you are right. It is also much like a western gunfight where no one wants to holster first you know.

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      • That is a great analagy, I can just see it, American saying I am not doing it Russia still has their’s out. Russia going nop the UK still have their’s the UK going nop France needs to go first. France going ask China, and then everyone pointing to either Pakastain or North Korea and going them first

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