Sometimes the best thing to do is be silents

I wanted to try and do a post about the shootings in Orlando, Florida. But what would I say?

The killing was senseless. That is an understatement.

Maybe something about gun laws in the US, I don’t live there, its not something we have to really deal with in the UK. If nothing has happened after the many shootings before, what would make this different. Were a country has a law that you have to own a license before driving a car but not for a gun is crazy in my eyes.

The hate I have seen because it happened in a gay nightclub, or the fact the gunman may or may not have had some middle eastern connection or could of been Muslim. So what if it happened to be in a gay nightclub, the people that were killed and hurt were sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, parents, uncle, aunts, they were human. They have no control over their sexual preference, or gender orination than I do.

The fact the shooter had some middle eastern connection also is something the right wing will bring up time and time again, when in fact, what may emerge is that it was an angry young man who was filled with hate for no other reason than people were difference.

But again I am rehashing history because time and time again we see this, nothing changes and everything stays the same within the law and yet familes are destroyed, people and killed and those wounds to their nearest and dearest do not heal easily if at all.

In this time of hate we do see humanity at its best though and that is something to cling onto. To remember the victims, their smiles, their personailties, the things they loved.

And to remember that people went out in boiling hot temperatures and stood for anywhere up to 7 hours to give blood, people who couldn’t donate, brought juice and food to those that could.

I am sure stories will come out that will bring people to tears for one reason or another.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty” Mahatma Gandhi

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17 Responses to Sometimes the best thing to do is be silents

  1. gm1123 says:

    He certainly was full of hate. Why does it matter if the right wingers bring up the Muslim connection? Call a spade a spade. It seems to be a trend. They hate our way of life. Im not for bullshit talking around the truth. This happens way too much. As citizens of the world, we need to do better than this. I’d your religion calls on you to hate another person, change your damn religion. We will certainly do ourselves in from the inside out. Angry, sad, exasperated….is me.


    • I would like to know who they are? Do you mean Muslim’s as a whole, or just the radical ones.

      I ask because I assume you believe the same about the IRA? They were catholic and killed a stack load of people. The UVF? They were a protestant group, they killed a fair few as well. What about the fact ISIS have killed more Muslims than any other religion? And can you tell me exactly where in the Quran it calls on you to hate another person?

      And calling a spade a spade Chris Harper Mercer, who killed 9 people was apparently obsessed with the IRA, so should we assume he was Catholic. He was also British born, so all British are like that?

      The reason why it matters so much is the fact it shouldn’t matter. A man walked into a bar and shot 50 people and injured many more. It shouldn’t matter his race, creed or anything.

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      • gm1123 says:

        But sometimes there is a pattern. We could look into that to perhaps stop similar things from happening. Yes, the final thought is a deranged man killed 49 innocent lives. I’ll have to find that little tidbit in the Quran. I’ll get back to you.

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      • Surely part of the pattern is the easy access to guns. And I shall find the little tidbit’s in the bible that promote violence


      • gm1123 says:

        I love that argument. I hear it all the time. And I think it’s complete crap. People acquire guns legally, as well as illegally. People mass kill others by a different means, also. It’s not the gun. It may have taken a person longer, but the gun is merely he means to carry out the twisted plan. We will never rid the world of guns, why not use them for defense against psychopaths like this one? Yes, please look through the book. Maybe you can confirm if the quotes I read online are in the book.

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      • And yet America is a country with the largest gun crime. But I will say I have been brought up in a country with very strict gun laws. It won’t be me looking at the book, I will check it with a friend, I know the basics, just to form a good debate.


      • gm1123 says:

        Yes, we do have the largest gun crime. Should we eradicate guns? If guns are around, people will always be able to get their hands on them, even if illegally. Our society has a moral and mental health issue. We are starting to have less regard for human life. As I type that, it makes me cringe.
        When I mean extreme Muslims, I’m talking of those ISIS type bastards. I can’t wrap my head around the concept. Because I live where I do, I have only met maybe a few Muslims in my life. No complaints. But those that hate our way of life, Because I am different and believe different; just because I was born, actually….I deserve to die? Because I won’t conform to their way of life. I’m not begging for them to become anything. Just stay the fuck away from me. I’m not interested in a debate, thanks

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      • I agree with you that extremist are wrong, it is extremists in all areas. As for guns and gun laws, I can’t understand the mentality the US have for them because I have not been brought up in that culture. If you are not interested in a debate that is fine, stop offering your opinion and not expecting a reply back


      • gm1123 says:

        You replied. We discussed. I will offer my opinion as I want. No problem there. We seem to be done. Good talk

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      • No, no problem at all, but as I said if you don’t want a debate just stop replying

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      • Out of interest… when was the last mass shooting ever stopped by the public being armed? Aroura? Sandy hook? Isla Vista’s?

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  2. gm1123 says:

    Extreme radical Muslims is who I was referring to at the start of my comment


  3. gm1123 says:

    While I am wary of what I read in the Internet, there is a plethora of hate speech in regards to women, Jews, Christians, idolaters. Basically all unbelievers. Sorry, I don’t have a physical copy of the book in front of me.

    ‘Allah will terrorize unbelievers. Muslims should behead them.’ (8:12)
    One quote that caught my eye.
    If in fact he was a radical Muslim what he is taught could be part of the reason he chose to do this. And yes, he could also be an fucking crazed lunatic who just thought this up one day.


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