Why do I punish myself so

In an attempt to get better informed I spent yesterday evening watching the EU referendum debate, which was 2 hours, followed by an hour of question time.

In a political system, where we have parties torn apart by this, why should we believe either side.

We have Boris Johnson and David Cameron for one leave and one for stay in, both who are in a party who promised not to cut the benefit system any further, who then forced through the bill to cut, yep you got it, the welfare system.

The Labour party who are mainly in but lets face it, generally break their promises, I would mention some of the other parties, but like the USA we are mainly governed by 2 parties. The Scottish Independent party are getting stronger, but while they believe in staying in Europe, they believe in getting out of the UK (it makes no sense to me either)

The most important vote of our generation and possibly generations to come and we are being informed by people who talk bullshit for a living

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3 Responses to Why do I punish myself so

  1. gm1123 says:

    ‘Talk bullshit for a living’ ? I didn’t realize how close American politics were to those in Britain.

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  2. gm1123 says:

    Because our politicians most certainly talk bullshit for a living. It’s disgusting.

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