Rant on dog owners

I have said many times that my dog Max, is not a fan of other dogs, he doesn’t really like other people either, but that is something we are working very hard on along with the not reacting to dogs, but every so often we come across a dog or rather their owner who is a twat.

A great example is today, the park we walk Max is the size of 2 football (UK football) pitches and then some. Max’s high value treat is his ball, when he is chasing it, he does not notice anything going on around him unless it is in his nose.

Plus the one thing with Max is he does have great recall, so if we do see a dog getting to close and Max is off the lead then we call and put him on the lead and walk away.

Today myself and my son took Max for a walk before school, this walk is a fairly quick but fast walk, we take his ball launcher and give him anywhere between 15-20 minutes of him running round as fast as possible, to get the energy out of him before another few walks later on.

Normally on this one we have the whole field to ourselves, but occasionally there are some, when this happens Max stays on the lead, especially if I also have the cat following us as well. Max gets very protective over the cats and my son (myself and my partner are big enough to look after ourselves.)

If we do have him on the lead, then I take him again after my son is at school. Don’t get me wrong, normally everyone is good, but trying to keep an eye on a four year who can’t stand still. A cat, who’s main job is to try and annoy everyone else and Max and where he poo’s plus keeping an eye out for any dogs. So its easier to let him have a run on the lead and then take him afterwards.

But I digress, today we just walked into the park, when I spotted a dog right near the entrance off the lead. I pulled Max back and called my son and started walking in the opposite direction, I could hear the woman calling her dog and looked to find we were being followed, we walked a bit faster, but my son has little legs, so I took off out towards to road, thinking there is no way. This other dog was determined to say hello and followed us. At this point I was in two minds of do I stop make sure Max is on a tight lead and pray a bark might scare this other dog off, or do I keep walking and hope the dog doesn’t keep following and then doesn’t get hit by a car.

In the end I took the risk, my son couldn’t keep up the pace, I was fed up at having to keep retreating from a badly trained dog and Max still was focused on the treats and his ball. So we stopped. The dog came close and Max noticed, treats or no treats there was someone near his boy, so he barked. He couldn’t do much else because he was on such a tight lead.

The other dog ran, but not in the direction of their owner but in the direction of man, sitting on a bench eating and I thought hang on, you could see what was going on why did you not call my dog (once again proving assumptions are the mother fucker of all mistakes) I saw the dog jump up at him and he push the dog back. The dog did it again and the woman owner finally appeared and managed to grab her dog.

Looked back at me still holding Max on a tight leash and started yelling at me at how Max had hurt her dog and how badly behaved my dog was. My mouth dropped, I couldn’t believe I had been going round for what had seemed like 10 minutes but was more likely 4 minutes trying to lose her dog. I looked at the guy and he didn’t seem to want to get involved and it dawned on me that he didn’t know either of us.

Before I could get a word in my son spoke up  “your dog wasn’t listening to you stop being mean to mummy”

That stopped her yelling and she took her dog gave me an evil look and walked off. Although proud of my son, I had to tell him it was my job to look after him not the other way but he was not having it.

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3 Responses to Rant on dog owners

  1. Thumbup says:

    Stupid owner. Brave son!

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