Sid 1 and 2

I can’t remember if I told people about Sid the mouse. Sid was brought in as a very live mouse by this cat here

cuddle 3

Gizmo is very unique only having 3 legs. But he brought in Sid and promptly let him go, I can only assume to try and teach me how to catch my own food.


24 hours later, I finally get the mouse out of my house. I am not sure if I was more impressed by the fact a three legged cat caught a very fast mouse or a mouse survived in my house for a full 24 hours with a dog, 2 killing machines (cats) and a toddler.


Obviously I didn’t catch the mouse quick enough because Gizmo brought one in again, still  very much alive. This one we called Sid 2

Sid 2 survived 3 days of me tearing my lounge apart trying to find him.


I am not impressed with either cat or mouse.

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2 Responses to Sid 1 and 2

  1. You made me laugh. I could just imagine how it happened.

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