*Reblog* The Blogger Recognition Award

Another blogger took the challenge of responded to an award nomination

The Journal Entries of August Black

The humblest of thank you’s to ‘My Crazy Life (It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes)’ for nominating me! Please find the time to be inspired by the familiarity and comfort in the words found in this blog and immerse yourself in the reassurance that sometimes being crazy is absolutely fantastic.


“I chose my name with the utmost care. I have mental health problems, I think I have always had them, its just now that I am starting to put labels on them. I hate the term label, because with mental health not one person is the same, but it makes the medical community feel better. I enjoy  being quirky most of the time, its just the 10% of the time which I dislike
I started this blog to make people aware of the challenges I have faced and my continuing disbelief…

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