inAnyone watching the Euro’s?

I’m not but it looks like England have limped through to the next round.

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  1. They have but they’re overpaid and far too big for their boots and the behavior in France is awful. I’m far more impressed with the way Wales are playing and their fans are acting & I’m not a football fan & I am English.

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  2. I love football…. but I have no interest in the euros for some reason. I think after the season’s over they’re all burnout and play so badly :/

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  3. Yes and with wooden legs too. But they are lucky because the next round for them will be easy. For my country, Italy, instead it’s going to be Spain. And for Belgium, Croatia. Not fair
    In 1966 England won the world cup as a consequence we are still seeing black and white video clips of that victory. If by chance England will win the Euro it will be another 50 years from the English media trumpeting to the four winds how good they are at football 😦 My book on football: “The Cat That Became a Footballer” says that England will win the next football trophy when the cows will come home. Whatever happens good luck to England too anyway 🙂

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    • I don’t think we would win it if the cows came home either 😉 When I was reading this there was a possibilty England would be playing against Portugal, but I don’t think we are going to get much further, we just don’t have the talent anymore. And personally I think we should be funnelling more money into different sports rather than football, The 2012 Olympics proved that we are fantastic at other sports and we should be showcasing those rather than hoping we may win the football at some point

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  4. I only follow Spain, who lost to Croatia yesterday. Hopefully we’ll win against Italia next week!

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