*Reblog* Can I just say….

I love this the importance of engaging with other people and getting out what you put in

Daisy in the willows

This won’t be a long one folks, I want to demonstrate how powerful communicating with other bloggers is.

I’m not trying to sell you anything or get you to come on board my ship, I just want to give you an example of the power of engaging with other bloggers.

We all have busy lives.

We all get tired .

We all have those moments where we can’t keep our eyes open and don’t won’t to let our bloggers down and have done t the whole skim read and like and that is it.

Or it could just be me.


It is okay to admit it.

Honesty has never failed me in all my 34 years on this planet-

We may use machines to communicate but our own  finely crafted machinery also needs  re-charging and that means taking a break and doing other things.

So long as you are engaging…

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2 Responses to *Reblog* Can I just say….

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    I seek him here I seek him there 🎵🎶🎤🎶🎼🎵 *whispers * i could be driving Daisy, just sayin!

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  2. Donna George says:

    Great reminder 🙂

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