Making a decision

Today is the day the UK make a decision whether or not to stay within the EU.

Just to give a quick rundown, the EU was made up of 6 countries after World War 2, part of it was to make sure something like either world war was never to happen again. It allows free trade and movement with it.

From what I gather (and I could be talking out my arse here) its a bit like the US, each country (State) has its own government can create its own laws and its own budget, but there is a higher power which creates laws for certain things to benefit all countries.

This is a massive decision, which to be honest should never have been given to the people. We are voting on something which is massive and will have reprecussions throughout Europe no matter the vote, but we are not voting on facts because if anyone says they know 100% what is going to happen is either a liar or a time traveller.

We have mainly been bombarded with mudslinging and scare tactics. If we vote out, we are going to go into a recesssion that we might not recover. If we vote in, then we will lose all control of our laws.

There are good arguments on both sides, and there are some terrible ones. One of the best ones that I have seen is that if we leave we have more chance of winning the Eurovision.

There is the theory of course, that this vote is to give us the illusion that we are being given a choice and infact nothing will change, and it will all be a fix.

However if you are in the UK and are still on the fence, please regardless go and vote, pick one, that you think is the best. If you don’t vote then you don’t get to complain about the result

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33 Responses to Making a decision

  1. Simon says:

    That suns it up nicely! 😉

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  2. Michael says:

    How does that impact the Eurovision odds? It is a massive argument, so better be certain on what’s really important 🙂

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  3. I hope that you British will stay in Europe with us Europeans. I mean, if you leave Europe to which continent will you immigrate to?

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    • We will still be Europe we just wont be in the EU anymore

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      • I was just joking. I’ve read and heard so much about this referendum that eventually in my mind it has become amusing. To me it will make no difference whatsoever. This said I hope that you stay. As they say it’s better the devil that you know that the one that you don’t. Besides I believe that one should always go forward not backward.

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      • I am sorry, but you would be surprised how often that question is being asked. I think it depends, from some of the stuff I have heard if we do leave other countries will ask for a referendum as well

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      • In fact there could be a domino effect if Britain will leave and manage well on its own. Many nations are fed up of being told what to do by intransigent Brussels bureaucrats. I can’t vote because I don’t have a British passport. I could have taken it years ago when it was only 300 pounds. I didn’t because I never imagined that such a referendum would happen. However now it’s 2000 pounds and I’m not happy to pay that amount. If I could vote I would be a bit confused which way to vote for but I probably would vote remain. After having asked the opinion of several English people it seems to me that the nicest people want to stay. My impression.

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      • I didn’t realise it had gone up that much. One of my friends is Spanish and lives here and she is worried what is going to happen as she has a Spanish party, both her children were born here but again have Spanish passports.

        I think part of the problem that as soon as anyone yells they want to talk about immigration they are yelled at for being racist, when in fact it is something we need to talk about. No country wants two million people who don’t want to work coming into their country (a slight exagaration) and if you vote out, then you must be a racists cause thats the only reason why you want to leave, when in fact for some people it might be more to deal with trade. Because we are in the EU we are unable to trade with countries that are in our commonwealth, that makes no sense to anyone. I think the main problem with the campaigns that has happened, is no one had any facts but they did a lot of yelling and cheers of come and be in my gang

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      • Yes many foreigners that have been a lifetime in the UK have worked hard and have behaved well but haven’t a British Passport are a bit worried, but I don’t think that they should because they are part of Britain and of the British economy. It’s the new ones that come from Africa and the Middle East that are the problem stupidly created by Brussels and Angela Merkel.

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      • I certainly think that when the decision came to bomb Syria, there should of been a plan of what to do with the refugees, we created the problem we should of had a solution, unless the politicians all really believed that the whole of the middle east contains nothing but terrorists

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      • Very true. Carrying out such acts like the bombing of Syria without planning what do after was plain carelessness and irresponsibility. It was the same with the war in Iraq and the elimination of Saddam. I remember that at the time I said that it would have been OK invading Iraq especially because he was killing thousands of Kurds, if after the invasion they would have split Iraq in three nations Kurds, Sunny and Shia with the oil equally shared. People told me that it was not possible because it would have created a power vacuum. But in my view it wouldn’t have because each of the three nations would have looked after their territory. Now to me it still seems to be the only solution.

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      • It certainly was a more sensible solution than what we then created.


      • Just as a side note, David Cameron was forced into this as he made an election promise and hasn’t kept any of them. This is so far the only one he has kept

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      • Haha… As the proverb says: “Careful for what you wish.”

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      • very much so, I don’t think anyone was aware of how much resentment there is towards to EU, when it started it was a sure thing to remain, now its 50 50 and is he loses he has promised to resign

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      • I can’t see him resigning. Politicians will hang to power with their teeth if they have to. Besides they rarely keep promises.

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      • General election we had three party leaders all resign. Because of this he has a very fragmented party. I don’t think he can pull it back together put only time will tell

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  4. Done with your hokey cokey it seems! 😉

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  5. amommasview says:

    I wonder what the decision will be… and the outcome…

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