The resuts

I have managed to get some sleep after watching the news all through the night.

The UK now indeed is going out of Europe. I did a quick post at 6am when the results were announced.

And it looks like a lot of what I said as happened

David Cameron has resigned

Scotland are looking to leave the UK

Jeremy Corybn has been given a vote of no confidence. (I didn’t say that but he has)

We are in for a real ride

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23 Responses to The resuts

  1. KG says:

    It is a real mess isn’t. I am not sure if they thought through this. And there are talks about other countries trying to bring forth their own referendums. Hope and Wish that things will be better soon for the sake of everyone.

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    • I honestly think MPs are so out of touch neither side thought it was going to be possible, at one stage the leave campaign were saying we are going to lose. That does not feel me with confidence. But all we can do is see, and object as we may to anything we dont like. Britain’s working class are not going to keep standing for being trampled on and listening to people I think that is partly what this was about.

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  2. any1mark66 says:

    You have a basket full of crazy according to the news here. Did the banks actually support leaving the EU because if too much regulation? They are playing up the immigration issue big here too. Then there’s a call for general election in November is what we hear over here. I hope it takes time to sort this out for you.

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  3. M. L. Kappa says:

    Let’s see what happens… Life keeps getting more interesting by the minute:-)

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  4. A rough ride ahead for sure. When you have a rough ride you need a good steady horse and I hope that you will choose that clown of Boris Johnson to get you out of troubles. That would be the end of Britain as a rationally thinking country.

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