Be careful what you say

I love facebook, and for the majority of the time I enjoy, but like all thing it has its downside. Mainly what people comment.

An example. a friend shared a video of a mother trying to deal with a child. The child was autistic, although at the time the video this originally posted this was not known.

The child was in a full on meltdown and the title was spare the rod spoil the child when the original person who shared the video was informed the child was autistic he did issue an apology (although why the hell he was judging the parent before knowing any facts is beyond me)

However even with the apology, people were still on there, talking about not just spanking the child, but whipping his arse, beating him will teach him a lesson. In my day this would never have happened.

For a few of them, I went on their profiles, one of those people was a care worker. If they think a child should be whipped, then I feel for the people they care for. Another one was a nurse *jaw dropped*

I am not talking about giving their point of view. I am talking about saying that beating a child for having a meltdown was acceptable. On top of that an autistic child having a meltdown, is very different from misbehaving and parents learn to tell the difference, and use their judgement of knowing their child the best to decide the best way to deal with the child.

But it did make me wonder about these people who say those type of things. It would be so easy to screenshot their remarks and for 7 out of the 10 I checked, let their employer know this was their view.

Not only were they, in my opinion, a vile human being, they were also bringing their work into disrepute. Now adays so much is done online, a quick google search can bring up the very best and worse of a company.

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13 Responses to Be careful what you say

  1. itsathought2 says:

    Avoiding facebook has been one of the few good decisions I have made. Its seems to be like a small town where everyone presents their ugly thoughts and manages to find support for them.

    I realize that if I went on Facebook, I would be more exposed to ideas that conflict with my own. And the world that I have built online is now mostly an echo chamber of my own thoughts, but facebook is not where I’m going to find an intelligent opposing viewpoint.
    So I’m glad I’m not there. (one of many reasons I’m glad.)

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  2. I am totally against spanking; IMO it’s abuse and is teaching violence by example. Oftentimes it’s not aimed at the behavior modification but rather folks take their frustrations out on a kid.

    Re: nurses and social workers. They will have attitudes regardless of their professions. I know this from the personal experience; I worked with a few nurses who were really screwed up in their heads. This usually stays right where it happened.

    Thanks for posting about this and spreading the word.

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    • I agree with you on spanking, however from the little bit I read on it, its still not illegal, and if parents think that is the way to go, then they are the ones that will face the effects of that.

      I also agree with you about social workers and nurses, however maybe they shouldn’t advertise that is what they do for a job, if they want to say something so very wrong on a public facebook page


  3. The world is full of armchair experts who spend their time telling grandmothers how to suck eggs.

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  4. I think that just makes things worse. I mean, as an adult we tend to have our own meltdown. Why is it bad that a child has one? We can communicate our needs where as children especially autistic children have a hard time expressing there’s.

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  5. gm1123 says:

    In my opinion, it isn’t your place to tell their employer. That’s just me. 🙃

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    • I sort of agree and in this case I didn’t. However if you see something like a teacher thinking hitting a child is a good idea, dont you think there is an obligiation to tell their employers?

      Although writing it on facebook and doing it are two very different things


      • gm1123 says:

        Yea, that’s my point. They’re writing it on Facebook. It isn’t happening. If it happens and you see it, then I understand you’d report it. Sometimes people just vent frustrations.

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  6. Diana says:

    Yea, Facebook certaintly has it’s downsides.

    I have learned to keep some of my writing’s to myself, due to the lack of support I receive on there. It seems, at times, to be a superficial world, where there is no real authenticity, people pretending to be someone they are not, along with being a bunch of ‘sunshine friends’, who are there only when they need something from you.

    The upside: It was the reason I started blogging. Many of my FB friends encouraged me to blog, supported my FB posts, and have been resourceful and at times a supportive outlet, when there was no one else. Not to mention entertaining and helpful with all the support groups they have on there.

    Although it may be unbalanced at times, it works out most the time.

    But I certainly get your meaning!

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  7. I work with autistic kids and a meltdown can happy at any time and totally unprovoked. Kids who have autism sometimes have sensory issues and become “overloaded” when the lights are too bright, the noise is too loud, the texture is too rough on their clothing and many, many other things that we don’t even know. For someone to suggest that the answer is to hit the child then I don’t know what the world is coming to. People need to butt out and mind their own business unless they see a child being hit. Then they should express their opinion and maybe call the police.

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    • I completely agree, the whole thing was outragerous. I was trying to be careful in what I was saying as I have no knowledge about autism, apart from what friends tell me, and even then I am living on the fringes. I am not sure why they were filming this mother and child but to make a decision from a 2 minute video to me was a disgrace and like you makes me worry about the state of the world today

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