Would you?

Last week for 10 days we had £1.32 to live off, now while this sounds bad, we had food in the fridge, electricity, heating and water. We only really needed to maybe get bread and milk if we ran out.

However our tin opener broke. We only had the one, and with a lot of cans that we buy we need a tin opener.

I wanted to make a joke of it, but I stopped, not because it wasn’t funny, but I suddenly thought would people suddenly think I was subtly asking (anyone who knows me, knows the one thing I am not is subtle) but it did make me think and I stopped.

If I mentioned it I would have to say we were unable to afford another one for a little while but I didn’t want someone to think maybe I should offer her some money. Because that was not the point. The point was I wanted tuna and was unable to get into the damn can.

Before anyone says anything, yes I went and looked on youtube and no, I couldn’t get the can open with a spoon, or bashing it against a rock, we found a way to get other tins open just not the tuna tin.

But I did wonder if it was me, or whether others feel that you can’t say you have no money, without feeling like its asking for money in some way.

What do you think?

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21 Responses to Would you?

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    I would probably think the same thing. It wouldn’t be that I was asking for donations, just that I was saying how it was, and how we were making do with what we had at the time.

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  2. Yeah, I don’t complain when the months been a little longer than the last. I feel like people may feel obligated to help when all I need to do is vent.

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  3. Mayam says:

    I’d go to a neighbour and say all casual “can I borrow your tin opener, our’s broke”
    but yes I do know what you’re saying, you didn’t want to sound needy.

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  4. margaeyre says:

    I wouldn’t think you were asking for money, but I would offer not because I felt obligated, but because I know what it is to have too much month at the end of the salary, and I am lucky to be in a position where I have a nice nest.
    What did you do with the tuna? A sandwich or something more creative? :-p

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  6. atkokosplace says:

    I would have popped on over to my neighbors and asked to borrow theirs. It is interesting though to think we really “do” need a can opener to open cans. I better go get a back up just in case! 🙂

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  7. oneta hayes says:

    I remember “before can opener” days. We had a sharp knife to use, cut a triangle from the center point of the can, folded that point in or out and poured. Not great, but possible.

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  8. Thumbup says:

    LOL! Yes I would feel what you felt.

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