A bit of a fight

Last night, I was startled by one of my cats hissing. I went and found him in the kitchen to be confronted by a big black long haired cat.

It wasn’t mine.

I am going to call it Jo, since I am not sure whether it was male or female.

Jo, allowed me to stroke him, but wouldn’t let me get close enough to move him. He had managed to hide himself in the downstairs toilet.

However by this point, I had 2 cats and a dog all sniffing the door, trying to figure out who the hell it was in their house.

Took me nearly two hours, but I managed to get him out, I am assuming he is going to come back and I will find out who he belongs to


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10 Responses to A bit of a fight

  1. I wonder how did he get in? Through an open door? Wow

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  3. Darn! 2 hours is a long time imagine that’s 2 hours of sleep!

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