A year ago

I put on facebook that I was not happy with my size, I had managed to put on two stone and looked (in my eyes) like a hippo.

In the year I have managed to lose at least a stone and a half, which I am thrilled about. I would love to do something about my fitness levels, but with my back, as it stands I am going to have to take it gently, with certain things.

Having a very active four year old and a dog that needs a minimum of 3 walks a day is most certainly helping.

My aim was never to get myself back to pre baby weight, which would be great but unrealistic when I first started. My main aim was ore bat shit crazy weight, which was between 9.5-10 stone, I am at 10 stone at the moment.

I checked my height weight ratio and I am just in the healthy weight and losing the last few pounds will shift me right in. However what is more important is how I feel about myself, which is much much better.

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9 Responses to A year ago

  1. LydiaA1614 says:

    Congratulations on the weight loss. I am just getting real about my battle against 50 pounds I have gained in the last few years. You are an inspiration.

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  2. Loosing weight is a matter of eating the right amount of calories more than exercise. Just a bit less of the average calories needed will do the trick. For a woman the amount is 2.000 calories e a day so if you eat 1800 or even 1900 you will get results. As for exercise besides walking Tai chi is by far the best because it’s enjoyable, good for the brain, it gives no injuries and can be done even by the over 100. It’s also good for the back. The problem with conventional exercise is that once the body is used to it will stop loosing weight unless one does a lot of it. Ref: I’m a Tai chi teacher and an expert in eating disorders.

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    • I am looking into Tai chi, as somone got in before you with that suggestion, but its nice to see it confirmed. My main weight gain was through drinking too much wine. Once I stopped, the weight started coming off. Plus the other health benefits

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      • In ancient times wine used to be drunk with water. I sometimes do that. It’s quite refreshing and has less calories. In Italy we give half a glass of wine diluted with water to children at mealtimes because we think that it’s good for their blood and strangely enough due to that reason we never had problems with alcoholism. I very rarely saw a drunk person in Italy when I was young and lived there. Of course we love wine because it’s part of our culture but we only drink it at mealtimes never on an empty stomach.

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      • My grandparents use to do that with me, it backfired on them I think 😉

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  3. Congratulations!! I put on about 25 pounds with chronic Lyme. And its been so hard to lose! So happy that you feel healthy.

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