To that Driver

To Mr Driver


Yesterday, you decided to scream and shout at me from your car, for in your words “not using your fucking indicator properly”

First of all, from the lane I was in, I was going right round the roundabout, which I am perfectly allowed to do. I was signalling right to do so. I had right of way.

When I passed the exit before mine, I signalled left, to show I was coming off. I would love you to tell me where I was not using my indicator properly.

Second. I was watching, and I saw you pull out and so stopped before I hit you, you on the other hand didn’t see me at all. Till I had stopped and was waiting for you. Maybe you did see me and think you had space. You didn’t by the way, me having to stop proved that.

Thirdly. Did I mention I had the right of way, had I hit you, it still would of been your fault

Fourthly, you screaming and swearing at me, had my four year old, who was also in the car asking me why you were being so mean to me. Does it make you feel better? The argument could be made that maybe you didn’t see him, but since he was in the front seat, he is pretty hard to miss.

Lastly, something like this makes me replay it over and over in my head. If you were willing to swear like that infront of my child, what would you have done to someone more vulnerable? If I had been a man would you have done the same?

You were very rude at something that was your fault. Either you were not paying attention or you thought you had more time that you did.

You don’t know me and probably care less, but by righting to you it will get it out of my head and I can think of more useful things, like unicorns

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10 Responses to To that Driver

  1. These are the times I am grateful I don’t drive 🙂

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  2. M. L. Kappa says:

    There’s lots of people like that, unfortunately… Fyi, he didn’t even notice the little minion

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  3. Thumbup says:

    Bunch of motherfuckers!

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  4. Kevin says:

    Hey! Sounds like you were out making a new friend and learning a bunch of new words! Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

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