youth is wasted on the young

I heard this phrase uttered the other day, and it did make me wonder. Is it?

When you are young is the time to make mistakes, you learn from them (hopefully) and learn to make better decision based on your experience, but you do take time for granted when you are younger.

And now in my 30’s, I am not as stupid as I was, but also I do leave things till tomorrow. When maybe this is the right time to do things, I have some experience and (touch wood) my body is still together, but then looking at my parents, they both are still doing lots of things, my dad cycles up to 2 miles a day. He goes away, he can ski, scuba dive, he dates (no I don’t want to hear about it) my mum goes to the theatre, plays bridge, goes out there and meets new people. Both are still living life.

They are certainly different from my grandparents who roughly the same age, looked elderly, you wouldn’t say either of my parents were in their 70’s, 60’s 50’s 😉

I don’t think they would say youth is wasted on the young.

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4 Responses to youth is wasted on the young

  1. Drem says:

    In my case, I was so insecure with everything I never really lived. I was also physically sick, very sick, all the time. I didnt get to socialize as much. I did work a lot, but alone. I feel it was wasted time.
    I wish I could go back now and appreciate my body, especially.
    I still don’t have much self-esteem, but back then was even worse.
    I don’t look like my family. I always had a very large chest and was ashamed of it. Purchased minimizers and everything. Now I found out guys like them! WHOA. That would have changed my whole high school experience if I ever knew… I would have had some fun (-;

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  2. Simon says:

    It all depends on your point of view I guess! 😃

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  3. Thumbup says:

    I wouldn’t say it either.

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