Life Stripped Bare

For those who have not heard of this, this was a tv programme on channel 4, basically 3 households got rid of all their stuff, and by all I mean everything, furniture, clothes, curtains, photos. Everything. In the beginning they were left with one box, to put the last of their clothes in. Every 24 hours they could go to a storage locker, where all their stuff was, and take one thing.

It was an experiment to make them think about what they could live without.

It was an interesting idea, I didn’t get why they would have to go naked, and then be forced to make a trip across town with no clothes on, well for the first day at least anyway.

The other thing that really started to bug me about it, was they were all young, white people, with no real responisibilites. For example you wouldn’t be able to do this with a young baby who needs nappies. Cause that first night, would not of been nice. Also they had to move their one thing back to their flat, and here I felt really story for one household, who lived by herself, she wanted her matress, but had no way of really dragging it back (I assume the camera crew were not allowed to help)

Luckly she found help but I don’t think someone with a bad back or an elderly person could of gotten away with trying to do it.

The first few days were interesting, one of them, chose a piece of fabric and fashioned her own clothes and shoes from it, but then they started getting things like their phones, cars and tvs back and then it started to get boring.

But it did make me think, what could I do without. I haven’t had a mobile phone in a few months, well not one that works, but it does take photos. Could I live without it. yep,

But then you start getting into what would actually be possible now adays, if you wanted to live in society. I often have dreams, of buying a plot of land with a small house on it and going to live on it, growing my own veg and having chickens, and maybe a cow. Not sure if it could be achieved.

As technology grows we seem to be more reliant on things now, to communicate we need the internet, kids need computers for school. Instead of going out to find the answer to a question, its a quick google away.

I wonder with the improvements that the internet has made to our lives, whether we are sacrificing something more important.

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4 Responses to Life Stripped Bare

  1. LydiaA1614 says:

    The show has a very interesting concept. I think I would be able to pick other things first before the electronics. However, I need my van as I walk with a cane and can’t do distances or buses.

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    • It was a very interesting concept I think if they had picked people from all different walks of life, it would of been a more interesting view. For example all of them, picked their wallets/purses within 3 days, none of them thought to try and barter in some way for things that they needed.

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  2. Deb says:

    I had never heard of the show before reading this, but I agree. It would be nicer to see the people doing this having practical things like having a baby. Technology is replacing a lot of things in our life now. The only problem is that the pros and cons are about the same so I wouldn’t want to replace it completely. But moderation is definitely recommended.

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