I suppose I should mention that the UK has a new Prime Minister, Teresa May, due to the fact the other candidate withdrew after making a very stupid remark about having children, makes you a better candiadate (Teresa May doesn’t have any)

This woman doesn’t feel me with confidence, she voted against gay people adopting, she likes smoking, hunting, and sending people to war.

It really is a shit day, when I actually prefer David Cameron

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7 Responses to *sigh*

  1. I didn’t know that Theresa May had all those faults. As for the woman that made comments about her not having children it was really stupid because Theresa May couldn’t have them. This said I’m amazed how stupid politicians are. My country had Berlusconi twice and that tells a lot about the stupidity of voters. So much for democracy. We need a meritocracy based on honesty not a democracy in which the vote of a criminal has the same power of the vote of an honest hard working person. I think that as the proverb says: “A country has the politicians that it deserves”, because they are elected by the people. Stupid people = stupid politicians.The only good politician in the world nowadays is the president of Uruguay. He lives in a tiny modest flat, goes to work each day on a bicycle, leads a very simple life and takes the wages of a normal worker. What an amazing role model! All the rest are only greedy for power and money.

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  2. I prefer Franklin D Roosevelt than any of today’s USA politicians.

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  3. Hmm. Troubled times for the UK. I preferred Cameron as well even though I don’t live in the UK.

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  4. Ellen Hawley says:

    I detest Cameron–he made a mess of the NHS and any number of other things–but that’s not an argument in favor of May. All it says is that I haven’t had time to work of a good head of detestation there yet.

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