Things my son says

mummy I have testicles they are different from tenticles, but they have the same sound.


Mummy, I have 2 more sleeps till I see auntie J. I am going to miss you when I am with her, but I have more fun with J than you.


Son: Mummy I am going to put my shoes on, so I can be all ready
Me: They are going to be at least an hour
Son: But I will be already for when they get here
Me: Its a long time
Son: Mummy is it time for me to get my shoes on? Do you think I should wait in my shoes just incase its not so long

mummy you do lovely lullabys but auntie J does them better. I miss auntie J. I wish she was here.

Mummy, you don’t call people fat that is rude. You have a big belly but I don’t tell you

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7 Responses to Things my son says

  1. Ahh..such honesty! 😉

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  2. Oooo that shade though! He is absolutely hilarious, every one must love him 😂

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