The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Way back in May Lovely Daisy nominated me for this award

black cat

Please pop over and say hello to her and sorry it took me so long.

So my questions

These Question

  1. What Is “Home” To You?

    I would love to give a meaningful answer to you, but its basically where I live.

  2. What Are Your Three Favorite Albums? Why?😀   More fair.

    I am really not going to do well at these questions. I don’t have any favorite albums, songs yes albums no.

  3. What was Freddie mercury’s favourite animal and why do you think it was?

    I am fairly sure it was cats cause he owned stacks of them.


And my nominees are:


And my 3 questions

Do you like cats?

Do you like the sea?

If you were on a desert island which three things would you take with you?


Once again thank you so much Daisy

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2 Responses to The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

  1. Bradley says:

    Thank you for the nomination. I’m truly honored.

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  2. Thank you for the nomination.

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